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PTFE Cables

PTFE Cables are designed inside the other electrical components to suit different applications and sectors. They have exceptional mechanical and electrical properties. With resistant to heat features, they ensure to withstand temperatures ranging from 180C to -40C. Their high temperature stability makes them resistant to chemical fumes. In addition to this, they also have excellent dielectric properties that makes it perfect for the insulation of wires as these properties also persevere in high altitude environments. These PTFE Cables are widely used in single core, multi core, twisted core and other applications with stranded or bunched jacketed design having metal shielding.
Product Image (RTD05)

PTFE Insulated RTD Cable

  • Product Type:PTFE Insulated RTD Extension Wire
  • Function:Transmit signal from RTD Sensor to Control Unit
  • Material:PTFE Insulion
  • Usage:Use to manufacture RTD Sensors & as extension wires for RTD Sensors

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